As small business owners, sometimes we have to hire employees on shoestring budgets. We want the best talent, but we need to make sure we’re getting the biggest bang for our buck. If you’re like me, occasionally you’ll hire by going with your gut instinct. Sometimes it completely pays off, while other times, you’re left disappointed.

Since starting my first business years ago, I have seen many employees come and go. There are also employees who have been with me for the long haul. One thing I have found makes a significant difference in my record keeping is having an automated system to track:

  • Employee Time,
  • Employee Attendance,
  • Employee Records, and
  • Time Off Requests

At first, I did all time tracking, attendance, records and time off requests via Excel sheets. Now, this can be a fine method when you’re first starting out. But as I began to grow, I got busy– really busy. I forgot to review time sheets, I missed tracked time, and I wasn’t keeping accurate records. After all, Excel sheets are great but, they’re not smart and they’re not automated. So unless you’re putting information in, they just sit there. So, I had to look for tools that could automate these processes and keep them up to date. Luckily, tools like HRdirect Smart Apps exist. I was able to use a tool to keep track of my employee’s activities without being a micromanager. This helped not only my budget, but it also helped to ensure employees were being paid fairly and on time.

As I alluded to previously, occasionally our employees don’t dazzle us. When employees have left me a bit disappointed, I was happy to have a system in place to handle disciplinary action. Instead of relying on memory for how to handle disputes and discipline with employees, systems like HRdirect, offer Progressive Discipline, so you can:

  • Track which employees have warnings and why,
  • See when they’ve received the warnings, and
  • Review what action plan you’ve put in place.

Of course this isn’t a very glamorous part of our jobs, but unfortunately, it is a necessary one. If we are just giving out empty ‘strikes’ with no consequences, the joke is on us.

In addition to tending to employees discipline, systems like HRdirect can also help busy business owners to realize when employees are potentially over or underworking. If you struggle to keep track of time off requests, and hours tracked, then you may need some technical help. Remember when you used to write everything down on post-it notes, and then the post-it would somehow disappear? Nowadays, you likely use electronic methods to store notes and phone numbers, simply because it’s easier and more effective. The same thing goes with employee record keeping. Sometimes technology just makes everyone’s lives easier.

HRdirect Smart Apps help many businesses with their several different apps. Not only are the apps completely affordable ($60/year each) but they are also practical. Even though you may have a stellar business plan, there are still details you’re going to forget and let fall through the cracks. Luckily, systems like HRdirect Smart Apps ensure you aren’t forgetting anything when it comes to your employees.

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